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Teaching English to children can be challenging and stressful at times. We all know the juggling we have to do inside and outside the classroom.  Researching material, creating plans, creating materials, preparing activities, coming up with classroom management strategies, encourage good behavior and motivation, evaluating, testing, conferences, parents meetings, and the list is far from finished. With all this on our mind, we try to keep the lessons engaging, interesting, motivating and inviting, wishing to meet all the individual needs of each child in our classroom and planting the seed of love for the language and learning in general.

Have you ever thought …

  • How can I get my kids to listen and pay attention?
  • What can I do to get them to behave well and make positive choices?
  • How to get more ideas and material for this topic?
  • How to teach according to the children’s individual needs?
  • I wish I had more time to engage with all my students.
  • I wish I had more engaging lessons.
  • I wish I had more time for myself to regain energy.

If you are nodding your head, thinking “that’s me”, you are in the right place. I help ESL teachers deal with their challenges inside and outside the classroom and help them make their classes more fun and efficient for them and their students.

How do I do that, you ask?

  • I provide engaging resources that challenge the children in a fun way
  • at the same time  these resources keep you flexible and are interchangeable depending on the moods, likes and needs of your kids
  • I provide easy prep activities that help students to apply what they have learned
  • I support you with advice for different challenges you might face in and outside of your classroom
  • I give you tips and tricks that I use in my own classroom that help it to run smoothly.

My name is Svenja and my passion is to help teachers by creating teaching resources they need to keep their kids interested, engaged and motivated, but also to help with advice and tips that I applied during my 15+ years of teaching and 4 years+ as a teacher trainer and head of department.

The purpose of this constantly growing website is to share my resources and experience to help you becoming an awesome teacher. This website is just in its infancy, so make sure to check back in regularly to discover new things as I will add. Why don’t you sign up as a member to the free resource library and newsletter to gain access to my free resources and never miss a freebie and tips and tricks again?

Still here? Want to learn more fun stuff about me?

  • I was born in Germany
  • I teach children starting from 2 years old
  • I travelled throughout Europe, lived in the USA and Canada and finally settled down in beautiful Paris, France.
  • I looove books. What shoes may be for other women, are books for me.
  • After having taught for so many years, I decided to study psychology in order to help my students, parents and colleagues even better and I’m now working on my BSc.