We all know the small and the big challenges that we teachers have to face when teaching ESL to children. May it be discipline, may it be running out of ideas, may it be the requests of the administration or parents, so little time so much to do …and the list goes on and on.

Professional development therefore is essential for good teaching and coaching is a fundamental element of it. It tackles the beliefs, values, feelings and behaviours of the teacher and allows them to build new skills, knowledge, gain more self confidence, renew their motivation and apply their learning more deeply and consistently in a save environment.

A research by Jake Cornett and Jim Knight (Coaching Approaches and Perspectives. Corwin: 2009), has shown that when teachers were given only a description of new instructional skills, only 10% used the skill in the classroom… However, when coaching was added to the staff development, approximately 95% of the teachers implemented the new skills.

I support the teachers and can, with my over 15 years of experience, help to create the environment and conditions that are necessary for change and that improve their work with students, but also their work with colleagues, the administration and of course, the parents.

Do you need

to gain self confidence?

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to find your very own teaching style?

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to come up with new ideas for your classroom?

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need some help with professional development planning?

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some feedback from an observation?

How about

counselling students / progress / objectives?

Do you want

to resolve work problems?

Do you need

to deal with classoom discipline?

Could you

need help with finding the right teaching programs and curricula?

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