From students

I had the opportunity to take courses with Mrs Muller and it enabled me to improve my speaking in English so much! Thanks to her, it was a piece of cake during my exams! She uses innovative and easy ways of learning. I recommend her to every student who needs help in English. – Monia
Svenja has been my English teacher for 3 years now. At first I didn’t like English in school but with Svenja we tackled English differently. She is very patient and understanding. Her methods were interesting and I came to like English. Today I can say that thanks to her, I have excellent results and I really like English. Thank you Svenja.– Syrine
Mrs. Muller has been my teacher of English for many years. She added real value to my education. Her pedagogy and perseverance have clearly changed my linguistic knowledge.Appreciated by all of her students, she will be a major asset for the person and their development that will have the chance to work with herThroughout the teaching, Mrs. Muller showed care, patience, active listening and natural authority. She also demonstrated her ability to create bonds. Because of this, her work proved to be enriching, shaping and indispensable for the pursuit of my studies.– Sabrina C.
I’m a mother of three children who had the chance to have Svenja as a private teacher of English. My eldest daughter, although being a very good student in general, had difficulties to appreciate the English language, and her marks in English were mediocre. Today it can be said that she excels. Svenja transmitted her love for the language with playful methods and hands-on workshops, which stimulate the visual and auditory memory. Within a couple of months my daughter enjoyed learning the English language and  the school method doesn’t frighten her anymore today. It was also a success with my two other children. The teaching methods of Svenja are adapted to each child, whatever the level, the age or their apprehension. The capacities of her to teach English are undeniable.– Mrs H.

From teachers

Just a quick message to thank Svenja for her help and support. I had no background whatsoever in teaching and she has helped me (and is still helping me) through coaching to find my potential.I appreciate a lot her professionalism; a quality that is becoming rare and her knowledge not only in teaching but also in psychology. I hope that one day I will become as professional as she is. A quick message now to all the people that are looking for coaching. I recommend you this lady that knows exactly what she is talking about. She will help you the best way she can. She is a real professional. It is so wonderful to see this kind of potential. I hope that I will one day give her back as much as she is giving me right now. Thanks– Sabrina
Being coached by Svenja was one of the most important things that helped me improve myself and love teaching more and more. She pushed me to be creative and taught me how to be an efficient teacher and to never let go of things when it gets tough. Her long experience was and still is extremely helpful for me as a teacher and as a person. Thank you! – Khaoula
I have known Svenja only for a few months but she has always been a positive source and inspiration for me. She is always available when questions pop up in my mind. When I have a hard time fixing something in my class, she comes forward and takes all the time needed to explain how to make things work better. She really is an excellent tutor and trainer. – Sittyna
I would like to thank Svenja for her help with my classes. It is so helpful to be coached by her. It’s time saving to have her around and to discuss the lesson plans to see whether the activities planned will work or not. The psychology part is the part I like the most since I have no experience in that subject. It helped me a lot to understand the brain and how it works to plan better activities and to have a better understanding on how a kid can react.– Sabrina H.
Svenja has been my trainer/tutor as I was taking my first steps into my teaching career. Her indisputable experience in this field and in others has been much appreciated.Indeed, not only did she teach me how to manage a classroom, but most importantly she taught me how to deal with each and every induvidual of a class and how to take into account their very own ways of learning.I could always rely on her whenever I had an issue or a question regarding my students and she would gladly pay me a visit during my hours of teaching to help me pinpoint my strongest and weakest assets. – Sira