Teaching English to children isn’t always easy! There is so much, we, as teachers have to know and do. Researching resources, writing lesson plans, preparing activities, dealing with classroom behaviour issues, actually knowing about child development, evaluating and more … and with all this we try to keep our lessons engaging and motivating while meeting all the individual needs of each child on our classroom – planting the seed of love for language and learning in general.

Have you ever thought …

  • How can I get my kids to listen and pay attention?
  • Why do ready methods only have such a limited number of resources? I want to be more flexible!
  • How can I teach more according to the children’s individual needs?
  • How can I get them to behave better and make positive choices?
  • I wish I had more engaging lessons.
  • I wish I had more time to engange with all my students
  • I wish I had more time for myself and my family

If you are nodding your head, thinking “that’s me”, you are in the right place.

I’m Svenja Muller and it’s my passion to help caring kindergarten and primary ESL teachers create engaging lessons and motivate their learners by providing a variety of interchangeable resources and coaching.

After 15 years in the classroom and over 4 years of coaching ESL teachers, I started this business to help teachers around the world become the best teacherversion of themselves!

So how can I help you, you may ask.

  • I provide engaging resources that challenge the children in a fun way
  • at the same time these resources keep you flexible and are interchangeable depending on the moods, likes and needs of your kids = less behaviour issues, better motivation

CLICK HERE to check out the free resource library. AND HERE to discover the more in depth products.

  • I support you with advice and guidance for different challenges you might face in and outside of your classroom.
  • I give you tips and tricks that I use in my own classroom that help it to run smoothly.

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Teacherpreneur (for ESL kids) 


/ˈtiːʧərprəˈnɜː (fɔː iː-ɛs-ɛl kɪdz)/

part of speech: noun

An experienced ESL teacher and coach with a passion for helping caring kindergarten and primary ESL teachers create engaging lessons by providing a variety of interchangeable resources and coaching

synonyms: veteran teacher, head of department, coach, trainer, author, curriculum creator

See also: lover of flexibility in a classroom, traveller, booklover, psychology student (BSc), lived in different countries of the world, settling in Paris