Outline of a lesson

This week I sat down with one of my trainees and we discussed how a lesson for small children should look like. She will take over a class of 3yo. Our lessons are 90 minutes long and this is what we came up with. This plan is one that she will keep for the rest of the year, just changing up the   songs, games and activities for each lesson. Cuts down planning time quite a bit.

1. Routine:
Circle time:
– singing hello song
– asking “how are you”, always adding more feelings throughout the year
– weather chart
– once they are a bit older, the today’s day
– show the children a box with a puppet inside (the puppet is scared when there is too much noise, so they have to be quiet in order for it to come out of the box. And of course, it only speaks English!)
– have a conversation with the puppet and with the kids (good time to repeat old vocab and questions and get the kids talking)
– repetition of old topics through old song, vocab game etc
– repetition of last topic (through flashcards, realia, etc)

2. Introduction
– Presentation of new topic (or new vocabulary added to last lesson’s topic)
– Storytime / Songtime that are related to the new topic
– Verification if children retained the new information through vocab games

– Games where children use the new words /
activities, crafting

4. Goodbye – Routine:
Circle time:
-singing good bye song