Alphabet snowman activity

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Print and laminate the snowmen and pictures. Choose the letter you want to work on for the day. Pick the snowman and its cards and mix the cards with a few others from other letters. Pick up a card, pronounce the word and ask the child what letter they heard at the beginning (or if they heard X at the beginning of the word). If yes, then put it in the belly of the snowman.

Another idea is to just take the cards and play memory with it – when you already taught a few letters. Take 2 cards of the letters you taught and put them face down on the table. The children flip over a pair and if the beginning sounds match, they get to keep the pair. The student with the most pairs wins.

A – apple, arrow, alligator, ambulance, antlers, astronaut
B – ball, balloon, book, bag, butterfly, button
C – cup, cap, caterpillar, cloud, candle, cookie
D – dragon, dress, door, doctor, doll, desk
E – elbow, elevator, eraser, envelop, elk, empty
F – fire, fish, flower, finger, flamingo, flag
G – grass, glasses, golf, glue, glove, glasses
H – hat, helicopter, house, hammer, hedgehog, heart
I – ice, island, ice cream, iron, ink, iguana, infant, insect
J – jacket, juice, jeans, jelly, jellyfish, jam
K – kangaroo, key, kite, ketchup, kiwi, koala
L – laptop, leaf, ladybird, lamp, lollipop, lemon
M – mouse, mug, mailbox, mirror, microphone, mask
N – nail, night, needle, nest, necklace, nose
O – oven, ostrich, onion, owl, orange, octopus
P – pencil, penguin, popcorn, pizza, picture, pig
Q – quilt, queen, quill, quiet, question, quadruplets
R – rattle, rabbit, ring, rocket, robot, raspberry
S – sunflower, sandwich, sock, scissors, sad, salt
T – tree, tomato, TV, turtle, toothbrush, table
U – umbrella, under, up, unzip, uncle, us
V – vacuum cleaner, violin, volcano, vegetables, vase, vest
W – water, window, wheel, watermelon, windmill, worm
X – xylophone, x-ray, bo, fox, six, ax
Y – yoghurt, yarn, yard, yo-yo, yolk, yellow
Z – zigzag, zebra, zipper, zucchini, zoo, zero

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