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It’s the time of the year where we are starting to get ready for the new school year. Teachers are thinking about how to set up their classrooms, their lesson plans, come up with new behaviour management strategies … in one word, you try to set the tone for the rest of the year.

Here are some ideas for your classroom

While studies have shown that it’s not a good idea to plaster your walls with all kinds of things to make the room look pretty, there are some things that are very helpful for your students and support their learning. One of those is a weather chart.

A great resource for your morning circle sessions. I always choose a child to help me with the weather chart. I ask what the weather is like today and have the child come to the chart and put the cards. I then ask the class if they are ok with it or if they would add something.
You can print, laminate, cut, and put the chart together as you like.

The set in the bundle includes

★ Days of the week banners
★ weather banners (sunny, cloudy, rainy, windy, snowy, stormy, hot, cold, foggy)
★ weather cards
★ hot-cold chart
★ season banners
★ Alphabet cards
★ weather wheel










I usually decorate envelopes for the weather and seasons cards and hang them next to the chart.
Or, if I have enough place in the classroom, I just have the cards pinned next to the chart directly.
You can also find the weather chart as an individual product: here.


Alphabet labels








They can be used for the weather chart. I also use them for alphabet activities. I take plastic boxes, glue a letter on them and have the children collect and put things in the box that start with that letter.
For example, they put an apple in the box with the letter A. It can also be pictures of things that begin with that letter.
The printable is kept in complete white. All you need is crayons and colour around the letter in the colours that match your classroom … or have the kids decorate the letters themselves.


ABC posters

Version 1:

Every poster has an upper and lower case letter and 3 pictures in color.
Just print, laminate, hang and enjoy!
You can get these posters as part of the Alphabet bundle: here.

Version 2:

Every poster as an upper and lower case letter, 1 picture and 3 ways of writing.
You can get these posters as an individual product: here.


Numbers- train

This is a train to use as wall decoration, bulletin boards or games.
Game examples:
– Put the number train on the wall and have the child (ren) match with the words, or the other way around.
– Memory
– Say a number and the child that hits the number with a fly swatter first gets the point

There are 2 versions.
Version 1: The number and the word wagons are having the same colours to help recognition.
Version 2: Number and word wagons in different colours for the more advanced children.
It comes with 3 different locomotives (blue, green, orange) and numbers 1-12.
It’s great for number sequencing, reading and recognition.

Just laminate, cut and fix them on the wall with Velcro.
You can find this train as an individual product: here.


Schedule cards

Schedule Cards are just perfect to create your own daily schedule on your board.
Especially for young children, it’s important for them to know what is going to happen next to make them feel more secure.
Print, laminate and arrange them according to your schedule.
This set includes 39 cards, 3 blank cards, analogue and digital clock cards in 6 different versions.
You can also find the schedule cards as an individual product: here.


Calendar set

✿ A wall calendar (13 pages)

✿ DIY calendar (big), including month banners, days of the week cards and numbers in the following colors

– black
– blue
– green
– orange
– pink
– purple
– red
– yellow
and year-cards for the years 2015-2019 (55 pages)

✿ Calendar booklet (13 pages)
– left page: calendar

– right page: Dates to remember (fill in yourself)


Number sense posters

This is a set of number posters from 1-10. Each poster has the number, the number word, tally marks, base-10 blocks, and tens frame. Just print, laminate, hang up for student reference.

Colours / Shapes activity

Laminate the colour banners and shapes.  Hang the banners on the wall and mix all the shapes of different colours.
Have the children pin the right colours / shapes underneath the corresponding banner.


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