Question of the day

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What topics are included

Beginning sound
Beginning letter
Letter in the name
Fruits / Vegetables
School subjects

Structures like
– Do you like
– Do you have
– Does your name begin with
– Are you

How to make it

1. Print out all the words and pictures.

2. Laminate them for longevity.

3. Cut them out

4. Do the same for the name tags, after you have written the children’s names on them, or the children have written them.

How to store them

I personally use little zipper bags. Each topic goes into a different bag and all bags into a little box.
How it looks like Build the sentence with the pieces given for the topic (for example: Are you feeling happy? This goes to the top. Underneath you put yes on the left side and no on the right side. Have a place where you store the name cards (I usually just put them next to the question on the wall)

How it works

1. For children that can read At the beginning of each class, once the children come to the room, they read the question of the day, take their name tag and put it under the yes or no piece.

2. For children that can’t read You may want to make this part of your routine at the beginning of the class. Read the question to the children, have them find their name tag (you can add a picture to the name, for example) and put it under the yes or no piece.

Where to put it

You can simply put it on the wall (you can fix everything with velcro or blu tak) , or the bulletin board, door, fridge, or you could even use magnetic boards and just add little magnets to the laminated pieces.

When to change it

That’s totally up to you. You may want to do a different question every day, or just once per month. Follow the lead of y

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