The ultimate behaviour management toolbox


Are you sometimes frustrated with behaviours? Then this behaviour management toolset is exactly what you need.

Why you will love it: This toolset will help you

  • to teach your kids right from the start what is acceptable in your classroom
    and what is not 
  • to have a calmer classroom
  • your students and you to have respectful interactions
  • to have a closer look at yourself and how you manage situations
  • to get more time to teach what you actually want to teach instead of reacting to behaviour half of the time.

In this toolbox you will find everything you’ll need to set up a well-balanced classroom. It includes tons of different resources to choose from so you can find the one that fits you and your student’s needs the best.
Teacher guides are at your disposition to walk you through everything. Flashcards and posters that you need are right there and data sheets to help you monitor the behaviour are included.

** Open the PREVIEW for a peek inside! **

What you will find in the toolbox:

  • Behaviour flashcards
  • Task cards
  • Rules posters
  • Rules booklet
  • Classroom jobs – mini flashcards
  • Schedule cards
  • Clipchart
  • Teambingo
  • Brag tags
  • Bonus coupons
  • Punch cards
  • Documentation sheets
  • Behaviour contract
  • Calendar
  • Colouring
  • Thinksheets
  • Bracelets
  • Attention getters
  • Brain breaks
  • Teachers workbook
  • BONUS: Mistakes teachers make during the first weeks of school that can mess up the entire year

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The ultimate behaviour management toolbox  contains:

Total Pages: 284
Teacher’s guide
Teaching duration: lifetime
File Type: ZIP + PDF
File Size: 59.4 MB