Who is who game

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This is definitely one of the most favourite games of my kids. This is how you play it:

What you need for this game
2 sheets
character cards
2 dry wipe pens ( + tissue to wipe clean) OR 15 game pieces

Type of activity:
pair work

Each student gets one sheet. Make sure that they can’t see each other’s sheets. Both students pick one character card.

One of the students asks a question about the characters on the sheet. Notice, the only answers allowed are yes/no. If the answer is no, the student can either cross out the excluded characters on their sheets with a pen or use game pieces to put on the excluded characters. This question/answer game continues until the correct character is revealed.

Version 2:
One of the students builds a sentence that is describing the character on the card he just picked.
The other student tries to guess the name of the character from his game board.

Version 3:
Use the character description cards as help to version 2. A student reads one sentence at a time and the other student tries to guess the name of the character from his game board.

Version 4:
Use the character description cards without the boards. Each student has a white plain paper and a pen. Student A reads the description and student B draws what he understands. Then compare the two pictures afterwards.

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5 reviews for Who is who game

  1. Yeonhee W.

    This is my frist purchase. I hope my Koren students like this game~! Thank you~!

  2. Ken D.

    Really like it!

  3. Gaelle Pennequin

    Thank you for a great resource 😉

  4. Anonymous

    Lovely! I really enjoy playing this game with my students. Thanks!

  5. mhoffm03

    I love to use this with students to help practice their observational skills and comparing

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