10 ways to enhance the attention in class

Last time I told you about attention “problems” of children and how this is something that many teachers struggle with. Yup, you are definitely not alone! If you haven’t read it, check out the blogpost here. As promised, in today’s post I want to share with you some advice that I always give teachers and […]


Game time – Colours

Now there are literally hundreds of games out there that you can play when teaching colors. Here are 3 of them: 1. Colouring Prepare crayons (several of each color) and place them on a table. Hang coloring pictures on the wall everywhere in the room. Say the name of a student and a colour. The […]


Animal papercups

My fellow teacher, Christine has shared those wonderful pictures of her ESL kids class with me. What a great idea and really cute papercup animals! (Thanks again, Christine 😉 ) When I saw the them, it reminded of this game where you have 3 cups and somebody hides a ball under one of them, switches […]

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